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We can quickly and ethically recover deer, avoiding wasted time and the loss of the animal.

Hunters & Hunting Outfitters

Data-driven farming or 'precision agriculture' is rapidly becoming the standard. We can help integrate technology that can offer them actionable insights into their livestock and land.

Private Landowners & Farmers

With an increase in natural disasters and emergency situations, there's a growing need for rapid response solutions. We can assist local sheriffs, police, and fire departments that are looking for technological aids to improve their efficiency.

Emergency Services

  • To locate lost animals, our process begins with the client informing us of the last known location. We then dispatch a drone that is equipped with GPS and thermal imaging to scan the area. Once the animal is detected, the drone immediately transmits its real-time location data. The client can choose to retrieve the animal themselves or request our assistance. Our service can efficiently locate and recover deer or other game, thereby minimizing the suffering of wounded animals by reducing the time they are left unattended.

    • Efficiently locate and recover deer or other game.

    • Minimize the suffering of wounded animals by reducing the time they are left unattended.

    What It Can Do

    1. The client notifies us about the location where the animal was last seen.

    2. We deploy a drone equipped with thermal imaging and GPS to scan the area.

    3. Upon identifying the animal, the drone sends back real-time location data.

    4. The client can either recover the animal themselves or request assistance.

    How It Works

  • Analyzing herds using drones has numerous advantages. Drones are highly precise, efficient, and capable of surveying vast areas to provide vital insights into herd health, distribution, and size. This information can aid farmers in making better management decisions, saving them time and money on labor costs. Moreover, drones can minimize human risks and enhance data collection by accessing rugged terrain and capturing aerial imagery and thermal data.


    Drones can also reduce animal stress by monitoring them from a safe distance and enhance animal identification by using cameras to track individual animals. They can quickly collect data in real-time to enable prompt decisions on herd management. Besides, they are highly scalable and can suit any herd size, ranging from small hobby farms to large commercial operations.


    Using drones for herd analysis is an invaluable tool for improving livestock management practices.


    Reduced stress on animals: Our drones can be used to monitor herds from a distance, which can help to reduce stress on the animals. "What is Animal Cropping in Livestock Farming? Best Guide 2023 | Burnsvet.

    • Provide farmers and landowners with actionable insights for livestock management.

    • Offer a quick and efficient way to survey large areas of land for potential herd migration or issues.

    What It Can Do

    1. Drone is deployed to fly over the property or area where the herd resides.

    2. Advanced imaging captures the status and spread of the herd.

    3. Data is analyzed to provide insights into herd health, size, and other factors.

    How It Works

    • Can locate missing persons using thermal imaging.

    • Provides aerial surveillance for firefighting or police actions, improving situational awareness.

    What It Can Do

    1. Upon request from local authorities, a drone is deployed to the emergency location.

    2. Real-time surveillance data is collected and sent back to aid in decision-making.

    How It Works

    • Detailed Terrain Analysis: This service allows for precise mapping of complex terrains, including hills, water bodies, and other natural features.

    • Land Use Planning: Our maps and models serve as essential tools for land use planning, assisting in tasks such as zoning, resource allocation, and environmental conservation.

    • Property Assessment: The service is invaluable for property owners who wish to assess the condition and value of their land accurately.

    • Agricultural Applications: Farmers can benefit from our detailed maps for planning irrigation, understanding soil health, and optimizing field use.

    • Construction and Development: The high-resolution models can aid in planning construction projects, offering a clear understanding of the land and its features.

    What It Can Do

    Our Aerial Mapping and Modeling service utilizes advanced drone technology equipped with high-resolution cameras and state-of-the-art mapping software. Once we receive a request, our trained and certified drone operators conduct a pre-flight assessment to establish the parameters and goals of the mapping project. The drone is deployed over the designated area, capturing detailed aerial data. This data is then processed and analyzed to create comprehensive, interactive maps and 3D models.

    How It Works



Trace Range can help Ohio farmers, hunters, landowners and emergency personnel.


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