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We strive to assist our clients in achieving success by being understanding, collaborative, and dedicated. We understand that each obstacle is distinct and adjust our methods accordingly. Our solid relationships with clients are established on these traits, which help us assist them in reaching their objectives. 

Our drones have cameras capable of night vision, thermal with 200x digital zoom, and sensors that allow us to recover animals in less-than-ideal conditions, such as fog, rain, or snow. Our drones can find missing people, track suspects, and assess damage after natural disasters.

We also work with farmers and landowners to help them understand their crops and analyze their herd. One of our charters is to partner with law enforcement and fire and rescue teams to give back to the community.



We aim to become the nation's leading authority and service provider in technology-enabled animal recovery, herd analysis, and aerial mapping and modeling. We aspire to set new industry standards for reliability, efficiency, and ethical practice, revolutionizing how hunters, landowners, and farmers interact with and manage wildlife and livestock. Through continuous innovation and community engagement, we aim to contribute to sustainable hunting and farming ecosystems, impacting wildlife conservation and agricultural productivity. Our ultimate goal is to scale our services across the country, offering our clients a seamless, high-quality experience while fostering partnerships that promote environmental stewardship and community well-being.

I'm Joshua, the founder of Trace Range. I'm a lifelong hunter, technologist, coach, and consultant, and I'm passionate about using drones to help people in the outdoors.


I started Trace Range because I saw a need for a better way for hunters to recover lost deer. I've lost a deer myself, and it was a heartbreaking experience. I knew there had to be a better way, and that's where Trace Range comes in.  

I'm excited to see what the future holds for Trace Range. Our primary focus is deploying drones to address real-world problems in outdoor environments effectively.




We chose the Matrice30T drone for its impressive features. It can fly in harsh weather conditions, equipped with a 48MP wide-angle camera and a 640x512px thermal camera for high-quality imagery and thermal data. Its 41-minute flight time and advanced obstacle avoidance make it ideal for search and rescue, inspection, and security. Additionally, it is weatherproof and portable, making it reliable and easy to transport. 


This drone is highly favored by many agencies for search and rescue missions, as it can perform exceptionally well even in unfavorable conditions. We have confidence in its ability to deliver outstanding results when we need it the most.


Trace Range can help Ohio farmers, hunters, landowners and emergency personnel.


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